IADS Exclusive- Transformation in retail: Innovative Thinking Interview with Chafik Gasmi , Chafik Studio

IADS Exclusive February 2022 Selvane Mohandas

2020-2021 has been more than a period of pandemic and crisis: by its magnitude and lack of precedence, it has literally changed the world, especially the retail world, by changing habits: digitalisation and new purchasing habits, work from home and the question of commuting, notion of essential vs. non-essential goods. 

The IADS launched a series of interviews with innovative thinkers to understand their views on how to deal with such changes. All organisations have proved their resilience and ability to cope with the emergency of the situation, however, it is a very human thing to tend to come back to habits whenever possible. What happened? How can we make the most of what we learnt and how can we make sure our organisations and thinking processes are durably impacted?

IADS provides its members with a weekly in-depth analysis on retail-oriented topics. This is an example of the themes the Association regularly addresses, and the topic of an article from the IADS members-only newsletter date 09 February 2022.

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