Galeries Lafayette presents “Prada Tropico”

news February 2022 Press release

What: Prada continues their, exclusive to Galeries Lafayette, pop-ups with “Prada Tropico.”  

Why is it important: With Galeries Lafayette hosting “Prada on Ice” in early January, Prada follows the experience with the new “Prada Tropico” pop-up scheduled from January 24th to February 20th.

Presaging the warmer season, the space features combinations of colorful stripes and light effects that create a compelling experience in the pop-up store and window displays.

It will present the new Prada collection in the same patterns and colors on different hat models as well as bags in raffia, canvas and nylon. You will also find flowing silk blouses, mini-skirts, mid-length or long skirts, relaxed masculine shirts and shorts and straw hats. 


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