Annecy’s new Galeries Lafayette

news January 2022 Fashion United

What: A new real estate transformation of the Galeries Lafayette in Annecy, soon to host new shops, restaurants and leisure activities.

Why is it important: With this project Galeries Lafayette hopes to bring together in one place a whole community of enthusiasts around their respective know-how. 

It will include the signing of new partnerships specializing in catering and services related to sport, health and well-being. There will also be a bistronomic restaurant by Vincent Favre-Félix a chef from Annecy, the first climbing center in the city center and a new experiential place designed by the collective of Japanese artists TeamLab.

An exhibition space animated by the Wondervision studio in partnership with the École Supérieure d'Art Annecy Alpes and the Haute École d'Art et de Design de Geneva will also be present at the “New Galeries.” Galeries Lafayetter wants to highlight the work of local artists and designers around the themes of the environment and upcycling.

Scheduled to open to the public in June 2022, the six-story complex will revolve around a new, fully renovated 15,000 square meter Galeries Lafayette store.

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