Galeries Lafayette celebrates 50 years of Smiley

news January 2022 Fashion Network

What: Galeries Lafayette is celebrating Smiley’s 50th Birthday in order to spark joy in consumers’ lives while the pandemic resurges.

Why it important: The optimistic face will be available on a plethora of media through collaborations in the worlds of fashion, beauty, decoration and food.

André Saraiva has reinterpreted the logo for this event and co-founder of concept store Colette, curated 50 brands offering their version of Smiley. The Galeries Lafayette brand has also dedicated a Smiley mini-collection for men, women and children.

These collections will be referenced throughout the department store and animations such as a giant structure in the colors of the yellow face and a gaming room within the atrium of the Homme store, boulevard Haussmann in Paris with also be on display.

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