Spanish gift chain Ale-Hop makes a partnership with El Palacio de Hierro

news January 2022 Informacion (Spanish)

What:  El Palacio de Hierro is the new franchised partner of Ale Hop for its expansion in Mexico

Why it is important:  Even though El Palacio de Hierro is a recognized player when it comes to luxury brands in Mexico, the IADS member is eager to remain close to its customers and be popular as well, which might explain why they decided to team up with the Spanish gift chain.

Spanish gift chain Ale-Hop has signed a deal with El Palacio de Hierro for its expansion in Mexico through a franchising agreement with the goal to reach 30 boutiques within 5 years. Ale-Hop is accelerating in terms of international presence as it also signed a deal for its expansion in Croatia three months ago.

El Palacio de Hierro already has quite an extensive knowledge when it comes to developing brands in franchise in Mexico, and aims at countering the expansion of competing brands, such as Miniso, by making the most of its real estate assets, be it within its own department stores or in the street.

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