Breuninger’s animal welfare policy

news December 2021 Breuninger news

What: As part of its sustainability strategy, the department store announces a comprehensive animal welfare policy with ambitious guidelines for the handling of animal materials. 

Why it is important: This new policy implies a full compliance from Breuninger’s partners and suppliers. Breuninger is also sending a strong signal to the industry.

After refraining from selling real fur, exotic leather and angora wool at the end of 2020, Breuninger joined the international initiative "Fur Free Retailer Program" in January 2021. The new animal welfare policy is another step to commit to the responsible handling and protection of animals in the fashion industry.

The aim is to ensure minimum standards for animal materials, to exclude critical materials and to replace them with alternatives. Breuninger's animal welfare policy addresses far more materials than the usual industry standards. Materials such as silk, corals, skins and leather, pearls, mutt pearls and shells are also taken into account.

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