El Corte Inglés’ new incentive programme

news November 2021

What: Much simpler, adapted to the digitalisation of the business, the new incentive system will affect 42,000 people and will allow workers to know their sales commissions easily.

Why it is important: At a time when it’s difficult to attract and retain retail staff, retailers are evolving their bonus schemes. The IADS Operation Meeting dedicated to the ‘attract and retain talent’ topic will be held on 2 December. 

With this new system, progress is made in the transparency and simplicity, so that each employee will be able to regularly know the percentage that will be paid each month through the corporate intranet. The system will take into consideration the working hours of each worker and will generate an incentive from the first sale carried out. In addition, the system will take digitalization into consideration.

Staff from supermarkets and gourmet stores staff (including fishmongers, butchers...) will be added to the employees entitled to receive incentives.  

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