IADS Exclusive - Business Case #8 – Green Pea: building up sustainability from within

IADS Exclusive November 2021 Selvane Mohandas

IADS has reported how IADS members accelerated on the sustainable front since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. They transformed their organisations from within (with dedicated committees benefitting from increased powers, and often in direct liaison with the C-suite) and communicated initiatives and changes in a crystal-clear manner to the final customer. This also translated into pain points as all these initiatives require resources, which can be overwhelming given the number of certifications and labels, and can also, sometimes seem too far-fetched compared to the immediate challenges posed by the state of the business. In other words: just like digital transformation, sustainable adaptation is costly, takes time and energy, and requires organisational re-engineering.

This is the reason why we decided to look at “Green Pea”, a new type of sustainable business, the first self-proclaimed 100% sustainable department store in the world, and which reverses the problem. Green Pea tries to bring an answer to the following question: how to build a profitable business that takes for granted the sustainable approach? 

We looked at the key learnings from this business case and tried to isolate the most interesting ones for IADS members.

IADS provides its members with a weekly in-depth analysis on retail-oriented topics. This is an example of the themes the Association regularly addresses, and the topic of an article from the IADS members-only newsletter date 24 November 2021. 

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