El Corte Inglés launches extended services to customers

news November 2021 Press release

What: The extended product catalogue will be available to all customers in any El Corte Inglés’ store. The expert consultation service will offer an immediate online advice from a specialized seller through chat, telephone or video call.

The Expert Consultation service is designed to lift any customer’s doubt, knowing that 74% of the people who send queries about a product, buy that same day. With this service, the online customer is offered an expert advice as if he was shopping in the store. The client chooses his favourite channel whether it’s through a phone call, video call or chat.

The Extended Catalogue allows the client to access all articles from stores having the most complete offer and from the entire website. The service is provided by a sales associate using different devices and tools: PDA systems, sales terminals and, in some stores, large screens.

With this system, the customer will have access to the flagship store offer, to categories or brands that do not have a presence in their local store. It will also allow them to access the entire catalogue of a brand with a smaller presence in the local store. 

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