Falabella will increase women's participation in executive positions

news October 2021 Peru Retail

What: Falabella seeks to boost female leadership and cut the pay gap between men and women as part of its inclusive culture. The retailer will increase women's participation in executive and managerial positions by 40% by 2022.

Why it is important: Falabella is working on various initiatives to promote women leadership and an inclusive culture. In addition, they are also reinforcing benefits to give them a work-life balance. To fully achieve inclusion in the work environment, Falabella is tasked with constantly updating its policies and procedures, as well as enhancing measures to attract talent.

Falabella indicated that the idea is to give women the same opportunities that men have and reduce wage gaps. He also stated that of the company's almost 3,000 executives, only 36% are women, so they want to increase gender participation in jobs to 40% by 2022.

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