El Corte Inglés toys’ private brand

news October 2021 Press release

What: The retailer creates an experiential showroom where professionals will be shown El Corte Inglés’ toys as well as the latest trends. The immersive showroom will then be replicated this Christmas in some stores.

Why it is important: El Corte Inglés has completed the reorganization of its own brand of toys, which went from several labels to a single brand, "El Corte Inglés". In addition, the packaging and design of these toys has been renewed following current trends.

All products can be found in store and some additional ones are only available on the web and app. This year new categories are added such as children's scientific toys, crochet stuffed animals, rag dolls... Toy references are reviewed every year and production is based on trends and new developments that exist in the market. A review process in which the areas of quality, creativity, marketing and purchasing work together.

With an eye on sustainability, the company pays special attention to the production of toys. El Corte Inglés has an extensive development in sustainable toys of its own brand, which has become a key pillar in this year's strategy. 

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