SKP partners with Valentino

news October 2021 Press release

What: The “Valentino: Re-Signify Part Two Beijing” interactive experience, which follows a first event in Shanghai, will be unveiled on 16 October and will be open to the public until 7 November at SKP in Beijing.

Why it is important: In addition to the interactive experience covering a 43,200 square feet space, Valentino is also launching an excluisve SKP capsule collection. 

For the event at SKP, the curators worked to showcase three Valentino pillars, the V logo, the atelier and the signature stud. Clothes from the Act Collection, the couture and the archive will be on display with the art creating “an optical illusion, a reflection, a mirage,” said Valentino, playing with “light, shadows, darkness and the way in which the light interacts with materials and with the surfaces.”

The curators worked with 18 artists, including, in addition to Zhen and Amaro, Cao Fei; Liu Shiyuan; Cheng Ran; Shen Xin; Xu Wenkai/Aaajiao; Wu Rui; Azuma Makoto; Yeesookyung; Robby Müller; Robert Del Naja; Nick Knight; Pajama; Jacopo Benassi; Jonas Mekas, and Alessandro Teoldi and Caroline Hu, who created two dresses together with Piccioli, developing the flower theme dear to the Italian designer.

In Mainland China there are 27 Valentino directly operated stores and five franchised units. The brand sees new opportunities in China in cities such as Shenzhen in 2022; Wuhan in 2023, and Guangzhou.

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