Falabella accounts for 34 certified sustainable stores

news October 2021 Press release

What: The 34 stores in Chile, Colombia and Peru received the international certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a distinction granted by the U.S. Green Building Council (Usgbc), an organization that aims to promote sustainable construction and development.

Why it is important: The company also works so that the waste from its activities, services and products does not reach landfill, with a focus on recycling and reuse to reduce greenhouse gases. Falabella is also promoting a culture of reduction, use and recycling of waste among all employees.

The retailer displays specific information so that customers know Falabella's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

In addition and as previously announced, 240 of its stores and facilities in Chile and Peru will be supplied with renewable energy by the first half of 2022.

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