Falabella's digital wallet adds new features in Peru

news September 2021 Press release

What: In addition to contactless payments through a QR code, Fpay will allow consumers to make free money transfers to cell phone contacts. Users of the application will also be able to manage debit and credit cards from the app, providing flexibility to organize payments and purchases. 

Why it is important: Fpay will allows users to make purchases with a QR code in physical and online stores of the Falabella Group (Falabella, Tottus, Sodimac, Linio, Fazil and and associated stores, such as Passline, Amphora and Footlose, among others. 

The application is available for free on the App Store & Google Play, and users can accumulate extra CMR points while using it. Fpay is also available in Chile and soon in Colombia.

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