Linio, part of the Falabella group, opens a new warehouse in Peru

news September 2021 Press release

What: The new logistic centre will help the company reducing its delivery times by 70%, meaning that deliveries in Lima may be in less than 24 hours and 48 hours in the interior of the country.

Why it is important: It has been three years since the Falabella group bought the marketplace Since then, both companies established synergies and reinforced their online power. The goal is to unify all the brands of the group (Sodimac, Tottus, Falabella and Linio) as it’s already the case in Chile. 

The new 9,200 sqm warehouse will also allow companies selling through marketplaces to benefit from logistics facilities, from product storage to national distribution.

According to Linio, it is expected to triple the volume of current shipments and reduce delivery times to the interior of the country by 70%, going from four days on average to only 48 hours. It is also estimated that 85% of deliveries will be made in less than 24 hours in the capital. Until January the marketplace was gathering 1,600 'sellers'. It now accounts for more than 2,000 (in addition to the Falabella brands). 

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