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news September 2021 Press

What: Three weeks after the presentation of the renewed site, the marketplace has seen growth in the main categories, construction, security and gardening being the most successful ones, with a 200% growth in sales.

Why it is important: The new e-commerce platform has experienced exponential growth in both sales and visits. 
The categories that has increased its sales the most are construction and hardware, with a growth of 294% in sales, followed by security (242%) and gardening (238%). Food and beverages grew 179%, pets 108%. 

Fiscal support with the three withdrawals from pension funds allowed by the Chillean government and the end of quarantines are support the overall consumption. During the second quarter of the year, Falabella achieved the highest online sales in its history, with a GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of USD 1,212 million and an annual growth of 38%, which translates into almost 10 million home delivery orders in the region. For its part, during the same period of time, the marketplace reached USD 238 million, equivalent to a growth of 15% per year. The GMV of the company reaches USD 4.1 billion in the last 12 months.

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