SKP introduces “Prada on Ice”

news September 2021 WWD

What: The concept launches ahead of Beijing Winter Olympics (4 to 20 February 2022). It will also be put on display as a part of the SKP exhibition at the China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing.

Why it important: Sport competitions are a great opportunity to drive additional traffic and turnover in stores thanks to animations and related merchandise. Related to this topic, your association will ask members what they will do for the FIFA Soccer world championship happening end of 2022. 

Following a series of outdoor-themed pop-ups with dedicated collections on offer across the world, the brand unveiled its latest “Prada on Ice” pop-up in Beijing’s SKP’s atrium. It will then be rolled out to other locations across the world.

Mannequins were reconfigured into athletic poses to showcase the special collection, which includes sports accessories like skis, snowboards, sledges and snowshoes; accessories such as ski goggles, ski boot bags and sleeping bags, and performance garments including oversize patterned polyester jackets, double-printed jersey outfits and mountain-inspired cashmere sweaters. 

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