El Corte Inglés to compete with DHL and FedEx

news August 2021 El Economista (Spanish)

What: The company diversifies by entering the logistics field.

Why is it important:  Also offering phone, energy or security services, the goal of the company is to move from being a distributor to becoming a service company with a much broader offer.

El Corte Inglés launched a new activity to compete in the logistics and transport sector. The company El Corte Inglés Logística Avanzada, has the following corporate purpose: "the activity of transporting all types of goods, by national or foreign territory and by any means; the logistics activity, including storage, distribution and delivery at destination and agency and transport mediation service".

The objective is to use the entire logistics structure of El Corte Inglés to offer services to third parties, thus expanding the diversification of the business. Marta Álvarez, explains in her letter to shareholders published in the latest annual report that diversification is one of the axes on which the growth plan for the coming years is based. 

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