Falabella’s Francisco Irarrázaval first hundred days

news July 2021 DF Mas (Spanish)

What: The focus is put on omnichannel strategy and customer service, especially after-sales. 

Why is it important: Irarrázaval spent the first month and a half listening and learning about the company, his goal being to soak up to the Falabella spirit. 

The quarantines have limited Francisco Irarrázaval's plan to get to know the 102 department stores that Falabella runs across Chile, Peru and Colombia, but he managed to visit half of the 46 stores in Chile anyway. 

With the corporate general manager, Gastón Bottazzini, Irarrázaval already achieved a very strong job in e-commerce, last mile delivery and physical-digital ecosystem in general. He also has added new talents to the team, such as Alejandro Romero, from Amazon.

Bringing more differentiation into the product offer and own brands is also an important target to generate a differentiated offer for and support the launch of the new e-commerce channel.

Customer service has already been improved with new systems in distribution centres, incorporating external logistics providers and dark stores. Stores are also acting as gray stores serving both as regular stores and delivery dispatch centres to support the last mile operation.

But the company is more than its stores: its Sodimac and CMR/Banco Falabella divisions are today the most relevant ones. The company intends to have a single marketplace gathering Falabella, Sodimac, Tottus, Linio and external sellers offers. This will unify the shopping, paying and financing experience. 

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