The Mall Group backs e-shopping

news July 2021 Bangkok Post

What:  The Mall Group has launched its e-commerce offer for fresh goods

Why it is important:  Almost all IADS members are now venturing on the online gourmet activity, which is seen as a way to both promote the brand image while competing on a segment which is not as competitive as the everyday grocery one.

Due to the pandemic, Thai customers prefer online options when it comes to shopping, including for groceries and restaurants. This is the reason why The Mall Group has launched on June 25 its own online gourmet offer, proposing a wide array of fresh goods online. 

The website has started with a total of 10,000 skus from 12 categories and has the goal of representing 10% of total gourmet sales for the Group within 5 years. 

The article does not mention if there will be any omnichannel options involving the existing 17 gourmet stores within The Mall Group network. 

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