El Corte Inglés launched a personalized loyalty cosmetics program

news May 2021 Europa Press (Spanish)

What: Mimo is a digital cosmetics loyalty plan that will function as a "tailor-made experience”. 

Why it is important: It offers a level of customization with the aim of providing the client with custom proposals based on their tastes and needs.

Mimo is a digital cosmetics loyalty program that El Corte Inglés has launched in order to provide customers with customized product proposals based on their preferences. 

The plan offers a 10% discount on the first purchase of beauty products made by the client and will continue with tailored proposals, experiences, gifts, promotions, events and content with relevant information based on the profile of the client. 

The program will use the El Corte Inglés app to communicate with the clients by means of 'push' notifications and through the 'My offers / coupons' area that appears in the application. 

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