Galeries Lafayette Haussmann flagship’s iconic dome restoration

news May 2021 Press Release

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann’s famous dome will be returned to its full splendour this spring, after over two years of extensive renovations. The restoration of this Art Nouveau treasure – one of the largest refurbishments ever undertaken by the Boulevard Haussmann flagship store – was overseen by Citynove, the group’s real-estate asset management business. 

To this day, the dome, or “Coupole”, continues to be admired by the department store’s 37 million annual visitors, and is one of the French capital’s key attractions.

Commenting on the renovation, Galeries Lafayette group Image and Communications Director Guillaume Houzé, said: “The ‘Coupole’ encapsulates Galeries Lafayette’s historic values and desire to offer visitors a unique blend of creation and commerce. It is a symbol of innovation, expertise, and rich cultural heritage.”  

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