Business Case #6: Monoprix, your new wellness guru

IADS Exclusive 19 May 2021 Christine Montard

Monoprix, the French urban variety store accounting for EUR 5 billion (USD 4.1 billion) annual turnover, 800 locations throughout 250 cities is launching an interesting and unprecedented concept, “La Santé au Quotidien” (translating to “Everyday Health”). It is developed as a corner dedicated to health and wellness offering products and services. The concept is currently being fine-tuned in 2 stores since mid-April 2021 and is scheduled to be rolled out in other stores and on the retailer’s website later this year. After months of pandemic and non-essential stores closed, the importance of essential-rated products to the business is clear. And at a time when health is at the centre of many people’s lives and while traditional cosmetics consumption is being replaced by care, it seems like a smart move for Monoprix.  

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