Falabella announces the opening of 21 new stores

news April 2021 America Retail (Spanish)

What: As part of its Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting, the Chilean company confirmed the opening of 21 stores in 2021. 

Why is it important: Stores will open in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay.

Among others, the company plans to open five Tottus supermarkets in Chile and nine in Peru. The company's plans also include opening a DIY store in Chile, three in Mexico and one in Uruguay. Falabella's plans also include the opening of a Falabella flagship store at Parque Arauco shopping centre in Chile in the third quarter of this year. Falabella will also renovate facilities to prepare for the arrival of Ikea in Chile in March and August next year.

Carlos Solari has pointed out that the company is immersed in a strategic plan that focuses on digitisation and technological development. The goal is "to have a unique marketplace that integrates the product offering of Falabella, Sodimac, Tottus, Linio and external vendors.” It will also continue to optimise its dispatch system in less than 48 hours.

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