Nicolas Houzé signs an op-ed calling for French stores to reopen

news April 2021 La Dépêche (French)

What: 150 French retailers call for reopening no later than 10 May.

Why is it important: Galeries Lafayette is part of the op-ed asking the government to act now.

Several trade organisations and 150 retailers, franchisees and affiliates sign an op-ed published by French paper Le Parisien. They call on the government to "act now" regardless of store sizes and locations.

"We take our part in the collective effort to fight Covid, but this situation can no longer last. It seriously jeopardizes our businesses and worries our 800 000 employees," says the op-ed.
"After losing more than 20% of sales on average in 2020, we have lost more than 30% of activity since the beginning of the year and each week of closure weakens our business."

This translates into significant cash flow problems, an increasing level of unsold stock, cancellation of investments and it increases the risk of job losses and cuts.

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