Manor expands “Too Good To Go” in 18 more supermarkets

news April 2021 Press Release

What: After successful tests in Lausanne, Basel and Lugano, Manor is now working with “Too Good To Go” in 21 supermarkets across Switzerland.

Why is it important: Too Good To Go connects food stores, restaurants and supermarkets with customers to offer them food to be bought at a discounted price.

In collaboration with the Danish company Too Good To Go, Manor wants to actively tackle the food waste problem. The pilot tests carried out in Basel, Lausanne and Lugano have shown that the application is well received by our customers. 

"This responds to a strong need of customers who want to take action against food waste by adapting their own behaviour. The success in three different Manor Food supermarkets convinced us to use the Too Good To Go app in 18 other stores," says Jérôme Gilg, CEO of Manor. 

The app now has around 4,000 partner companies and has already saved more than 2.6 million meals since its launch in Switzerland.

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