Falabella to invest in electric cars fleet in Colombia

news March 2021 El Espectador (Spanish)

What: Falabella and Linio announced the acquisition of 30 shared electric vehicles for their deliveries
Why is it important: Falabella’s latest effort through more sustainable operations
Falabella and Linio (Falabella’s marketplace) are expected to deliver between 2 100 and 3 000 orders per day with new electric vehicles. The fleet will first cover deliveries in Bogota, before reaching major cities such as Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla.
"We are very happy to announce this milestone together. For Falabella, the care of the environment is, and will always be a priority. Having Linio in this alliance only reinforces our commitment and demonstrates the sustainable path that we will create hand in hand in the world of retail and e-commerce," said Rodrigo Fajardo President of Falabella Colombia.

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