El Corte Inglés launches its own mobile and fibre operator

news March 2021 Press release, El Paìs (Spanish)

What: El Corte Inglés and MásMóvil announced the launch of Sweno, a mobile and fibre operator 

Why is it important: El Corte Inglés business model is evolving

MásMóvil Group, the operator leading the market in recent years, and El Corte Inglés have signed a strategic agreement to launch a virtual mobile and fibre operator. The commercialization of converged telecommunications services will be carried out through "Sweno", El Corte Inglés owned brand.

"This alliance is part of the evolution of our business model" says Víctor del Pozo, CEO of El Corte Inglés. On MásMóvil's part, CEO Meirad Spenger has also welcomed the partnership: "It is a great satisfaction to continue to develop our long-term collaboration with El Corte Inglés and to support them in launching their communications and connectivity services."

These services will be available in the department stores. 

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