With 75% of Falabella stores being currently closed, e-commerce to be strengthened

news February 2021 Diario Financiero (Spanish)

What: Peru CEO Alex Zimmerman interviewed in Gestion de Peru newspaper
Why is it important: the company is ready to face e-commerce rising demand

The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 went quite well as Falabella achieved its targets. 75% of the stores are currently closed so the company massively relies on e-commerce. Having learned from the previous lockdown, Falabella is fully prepared to face an online consumption surge as high as of May and June 2020.
The company is also taking advantage of store closures to focus on improving physical stores, as well as strengthening e-commerce.
Logistical capacities have been multiplied several times and distribution partnerships have been reinforced. Falabella is also in the midst of the automation process of its distribution centres, which will complete in 18 months. Additional spaces have also been leased outside of the regular facilities.
Although promotions are enforced on a regular basis, the schedule has not radically changed comparing to the pre-Covid era. 

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