Dior extends partnership with El Palacio de Hierro

news February 2021 Women's Wear Daily

What: the fourth Dior location in Mexico is the second one in Palacio de Hierro

Why it is important: There is a reflection at the IADS level on how to be attractive enough for brands to convince them to extend partnerships with department stores. Dior strategy in Mexico is an example on how it can be achieved.

Dior, who started to collaborate with El Palacio de Hierro as early as 1950, is opening its 4th location in the Santa Fe store, after the Plaza Artz Women and Men stores, as well as the Palacio de Hierro Polanco location. Out of 4 stores in Mexico, 2 are operated within El Palacio de Hierro department stores (Plaza Artz is a mall chain), a proof of the dynamism and attractivity of the department store chain positioning.

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