Delays in deliveries at Falabella; state of emergency as a cause

news February 2021 Fashion Network / La Tercera (Spanish)

What: Falabella is facing a class action through the National Consumer Service (Sernac).

Why is it important: Covid-19 legal restrictions can endanger service to customers.

Falabella is the subject of a class action in Chile through the National Consumer Service (Sernac) for breaching the delivery times of its online sales during the last months. The Chilean company emphasizes that the delays are due to the various restrictions caused by Covid-19 state of emergency.

Between March and November, Falabella accounted for 27% of the total e-commerce claims received in Sernac. In addition, during 2020 about 68% of the claims against Falabella corresponded to delays in the dispatches or products that never reached their destination. 

Sernac also found that, as a loyalty strategy, the company offered certain 'benefits' to affected customers, but without stating a clear policy.

Note: Sernac belongs to the same state-administration that has imposed the restrictions.

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