Breuninger wins award for autoRetouch start-up

news February 2021 Press release

What: a Cloud Awards for the Breuninger-funded start-up

Why it is important: innovation is key to remain relevant in retail and Breuninger proves that a historic retailer can also shine in the start-up world

Congratulations Breuninger! autoRetouch was named "most promising start-up of the year" at the Cloud Awards in USA. The start-up, founded one year ago, is a fully automated, AI based solution for image processing automation, revolutionising how classic product images are edited for use in e-commerce. 
"The autoRetouch award vindicates our decision as a leading fashion and lifestyle company to invest in this innovative start-up as well as digital business models," said Holger Blecker, CEO at Breuninger. "We at Breuninger believed in the digital image editing technology developed by autoRetouch right from the outset and I am very happy for the entire team that this development is now gaining the industry recognition it deserves!"

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