Galeries Lafayette forced to close stores again

news February 2021 Women's Wear Daily

What: Galeries Lafayette and other department stores are temporarily closing from 31 January

Why is it important: French department stores are facing the third temporary closure since March 2020

Rather than locking France down again, as it was done twice already since March 2020, the government has opted to put in place new measures, which include temporary closures of large nonessential stores, such as department stores and commercial centres.
Retailers that do not sell food and have a surface area greater than 2,000sqm are closed since 31 January 2021.
In Paris, that includes the Galeries Lafayette flagship as well as Printemps flagship on Boulevard Haussmann, Le Bon Marché, Westfield Forum des Halles and BHV-Marais, among others. In France overall, approximately 400 shopping centres and 25,000 businesses will be impacted.

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