Falabella investment plan for 2020-2023

news January 2021 Press release (Spanish)

What: Falabella will invest USD 2.9 billion to continue the development of its ecosystem, both physically and digitally, improving the multichannel experience for customers.

Why is it important: the investment plan will focus on e-commerce, logistics, and store network.
The key data from the plan are:

  • 38% will be allocated to information technology and logistics, in order to increase the level of service and efficiency: implementation of more Click & Collect stations, supported by the opening of new distribution centres in Colombia and Peru. The company will also continue to migrate toward cloud-based architecture to enforce its cyber security, and to improve the digital shopping experience.
  • 31% of the total sum will be invested in the store network: the opening of two shopping centres (Mallplaza Comas in Peru and Mallplaza Cali in Colombia) and 80 regional shops. They will also expand the Tottus and Hiperbodegas supermarket network, open a new Sodimac Mexico, and support the development of IKEA in Chile, Peru and Colombia.
  • Another 31% will serve improvements in the existent store network, in order to successfully merge the physical and digital experience.

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