Management change at Falabella Retail

news January 2021 Press release

What: Mr Gonzalo Somoza will step down as CEO of Falabella retail, and will keep advisory and director roles in the group’s companies.

Why it is important: Mr. Somoza has led the digital transformation of Falabella retail for 21 years, including the building of its ecosystem backed by strong logistics.

As of 31 March 2021, Mr Somoza will hand over the Falabella retail CEO role to Mr Francisco Irarrazaval, formerly CEO of Ripley for Chile and Peru. Mr Irarrazaval also founded non-profit organisations in Chile. His role will be to ensure that Falabella department stores remain a fundamental part of the retailers( physical digital ecosystem, via innovation and surprising customer experience.

Mr. Somoza will continue to be part of Falabella as an Advisor and Director of companies in the Group.

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