Falabella shops obtain LEED sustainability certification

news December 2020 Diario Sustenable

What: 4 stores in Chile earn Leed certification from the US Green Building Council
Why is it important: as part of its sustainability strategy, Falabella Viña del Mar, Arica, Valdivia and Los Angeles achieved the international certification LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) develop by USGBC, an organisation that promotes sustainable development.  

In total there are 34 Falabella distribution centres and stores that are certified in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile. The shops in the above-mentioned countries have managed to reduce water consumption by  49%, implement solar panels and the use of recycled elements in the construction stage. It is essential for Falabella to utilise resources efficiently in order to minimize environmental consequences, with an effective long-term strategy.

This reinforce Falabella’s commitment to sustainability. Falabella was the only Chilean retail company selected this year to integrate the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. The five priorities of work of the company are customer-focused: reduction of the carbon footprint, waste management, responsible supply chain, social investment programs and diversity & inclusion.

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