Department stores: temples of dreams

A serie of documentaries by Arte unveiling the world of department stores. [first release in 2017 in French]

news December 2020 Arte

What: a documentary series on department stores

Why it is important: released in 2017 by French-German TV channel ARTE, the documentaries tells the stories of several department stores: Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Macy’s in New York, KaDeWe in Berlin, and Gum in Moscow. 

The current context is very different from what it was three years ago as new stakes and challenges arose with the health crisis. Department store will need to reinvent themselves once again, as they have been doing over their long years of existence.

The TV show is not only an ode to the glorious past of Galeries Lafayette, but also explores the reasons of its present success and why this retail format is still relevant. Arte explores the backstage of Galeries Lafayette, including an interview of Nicolas Houzé. The series includes episodes on Gum, Macy’s and Kadewe.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Goum, Moscow

Macy's, New York City

KaDeWe, Berlin

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