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The IADS signs a partnership with business and creative intelligence agency NellyRodi

press 07 December 2020 Press release

The International Association of Department Stores (IADS) has engaged in a transformative upgrade of its activities exclusively proposed to department stores. In that perspective, IADS teams up today with intelligence agency NellyRodi to generate synergies and propose new services to its 12 international members. 
The international stature of NellyRodi and its unparalleled vision, associating business, innovation and creativity, will be an asset and an additional value provided by the Association to its members, to help them navigate the current challenging times. This partnership will be embedded at the core of the Association’s activities, in its 3 levels meeting program: CEO exchanges, including the Association General Assembly, Merchandising meetings, and Cross-functional meetings.
With this partnership, IADS is pursuing its mission to generate, share and disseminate industry-specific knowledge within its members’ organisations, based on the state-of-the-art content and insights of NellyRodi.

About NellyRodi

NellyRodi is a consulting agency in Business and Creative Intelligence.
Based in Paris, Tokyo and New York, it is a global reference for foresight applied to industries and services. Our business, based on understanding new consumer standards and new uses, is to support brands, investment funds and institutions on their desirability and performance levers.
The creative process is the central focus of our modus operandi and our methods. In a world subject to ongoing, profound change, brands need to achieve singularity, innovation and on-target marketing. To this end, they must demonstrate bold creativity and master the use of consumer data. The work we do – our analysis, process of reflection and recommendations – gives our clients a clearer picture of how their business ecosystem fits into the global context. We make recommendations based on detailed, comprehensive observations of social, marketing and creative trends, seeking to guide our clients in directions conducive to their business development.
Backed by NellyRodi's international future-forward expertise, we not only provide strategic support at the highest levels, i.e. to senior management and investors, but also at the field and operational level.

Press contact: NellyRodi, Pierre-François le Louët,, +33 1 42 93 04 06

About IADS

The IADS is the most exclusive and oldest professional department store think tank in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the close relationship between its member CEOs, making it a very powerful asset for decision-making at the highest level.
Today, the Association gathers a group of 12 members across the world, all leaders or key players on their respective markets, and represents more than €31bn cumulated annual turnover, achieved through more than 490 stores with 233,000 associates in 19 countries. Members are: Centro Beco (Venezuela), Beijing Hualian Group (PRC), Breuninger (Germany), El Corte Inglés (Spain), El Palacio de Hierro (Mexico), Falabella (Chile), Galeries Lafayette (France), Lifestyle International Holding (Hong Kong), Magasin du Nord (Denmark), Manor (Switzerland), The Mall (Thailand), SM (Philippines).
The wide variety of business models and cultures represented provide the Association and its members with a richness in the exchange which is all the more valuable for the solutions and thought-provoking debates that it generates. 

Press Contact: IADS, Selvane Mohandas du Ménil,, +33 1 42 94 02 02

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