Merchandise meeting #2 videoconference

IADS Meetings 21 April 2021 Merchandising meeting #2


Due to Covid-19, global sportswear growth rate fell at -7,3% from 2019 to 2020. However the situation is more contrasted than it appears: sports such as outdoor individual sports and home exercise increased, while both team and indoor sports logically struggled (and consequently their relating equipment and apparel). 

Among opportunities accentuated by the pandemic, women’s activewear (athleisure) became a megatrend. More than 75% of the sports industry representatives believe the athleisure market size will keep growing in the coming years. In a general way and because of remote working, people found themselves in need of comfortable attire. While all categories suffered at the beginning of the lockdown, the recovery was faster for casual and sportswear. As an example, European spending on casualwear and sportswear had “only” dropped by 5% and 17% by August 2020, compared with pre-Covid. By contrast, spending on fashion, business wear, and special occasion wear fell between 26% and 37%. 

The past year also witnessed a major shift to digital workout while gyms were closing and team sports were stopping everywhere. Digital workouts will continue trending in the future as they will surely be mixed with the sport practices we used to know pre-Covid.

We will proceed to a panorama of members’ changes in brand portfolio, evolution of the offer and new initiatives taken in the Sport & Lifestyle categories. We hope to be able to help members share their vision, as well as to address the consumer habits shift and its consequences. 

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