Breuninger on the way to a more responsible future

news November 2020 Press release (in German)

What: sustainable engagements at Breuninger

Why it is important: sustainability is a key topic for retail and department stores. There are several ways for brands and department stores to engage on sustainability -like IADS exposed in its latest exclusive article here- and Breuninger is taking engagements.

Breuninger’s sustainable engagements revolve around four principle:

  • Focusing of all previous sustainability measures
  • Four fields of action: materials, people, environment, city
  • Setting binding, ongoing goals
  • Sustainable seal catalog for the entire future range

Breuninger will, among others, label its products with sustainable seals such as Better Cotton and Fairtrade to bring transparency, and to signal to the customer which sustainable criteria the article meets. Overall, sustainable materials are to be promoted even more in the future. Other engagements include reducing CO2 emissions in the medium and long term and increasing natural resources care. The sustainable engagement extends from Breuninger on social and charitable engagements such as community foundations, cultural institutions and sports associations.

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