SM speeds up omni-channel options

news November 2020 Bloomberg

What: Filipino department store continues to invest in its ecommerce and launches more omnichannel option

Why it is important: as customers turn to a mix of online and instore shopping amid the pandemic, retailers need to respond fast to that demand by extending their omni-channel offer 

SM Investments Corp. in the Philippines is betting on several omni-channel options to extend its reach. It has opened a virtual mall, so far available only in the Manila area but that should open nationwide soon. Other developments include personal shopping and more delivery and pick-up services. The idea is to follow the Chinese “omni-channel” retailing approach where people shop both on and off line, and therefore to cater to more customers. 
This year the group has also introduced small-format outlets and al fresco (outside) dining and lounge spaces to respond to the virus-driven trend toward bigger open spaces.

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