The Mall will rebrand for the first time

news November 2020 Bangkok Post

What: a rebranding for IADS member Thailand-based member The Mall

Why it is important: department stores constantly need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and one way to remain close to their costumers is to bring modernity to their image

The group aims to turn all The Mall complexes to "The Mall Lifestores", in response to customers' changing lifestyle. The rebranding is translated into a new retail model and a new corporate identity with a red "M" new logo. The group's chairwoman Supaluck Umpujh said “The Mall Lifestore is no longer a department store or shopping complex, it is a place for people of all generations to have new experiences that mix between technology and humanity.” The new retail model has been applied for the first time at The Mall Ngamwongwan branch, which is scheduled to launch on 26 November. All existing malls should be rebranded by 2023.

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