Maus Frères names new CEO

news October 2020 Women's Wear Daily

What: Didier Maus is handing over the CEO position to Thierry Guibert early 2021

Why it is important: Although Mr Maus remains Chairman of the group, it is the first time that its management is given to an individual not coming from the founding families.

Maus Frères, who owns brands such as Lacoste, Aigle, The Kooples but also retailers such as Jumbo and IADS member Manor, the largest department store operator in Switzerland, changes its management. Mr Maus, who has been CEO for 28 years, will hand over the rein to Thierry Guibert early 2021. Mr Guibert has been in the group for 5 years and was in charge of the group’s international development, as well as CEO of Lacoste (he will remain in that position). Mr. Maus will remain Chairman of the group.

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