Falabella launches digital platform to promote Chilean artwork

news October 2020 Falabella website

What: Arte Falabella, a digital platform dedicated to local artists.

Why is important: a retailer takes a stand to support local culture and artists in the wake of the pandemic.

Multinational Chile-based chain of department stores Falabella is partnering with Antenna Foundation to promote the work of Chilean artists. Espacio Fotografia: Arte Falabella  is an initiative that aims to give 40 local artists exposure on a dedicated platform, to reach a wide audience. The initiative supports local artists who did not have the chance to show their work through exhibitions due to the pandemic, and also gives an access to culture to all Chilean. More than 300 exclusive pictures will be accessible for purchase on the platform, only available in Chile. Falabella CEO Gonzalo Somosa said: “We are aware of the transformative power of culture. Now all Chilean people will be able to enjoy, learn and buy quality work of arts at affordable prices.”

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