Retail Study Tours 19-22 March 2019 Tokyo, Japan

Based on the success of the Tokyo Retail Study Tour 2018, the IADS is initiating a new edition of this tour.



"I found the tour very enriching and well curated. We were able to see what was relevant, new and innovative in a 360º view. Thank you for this memorable experience!"

Participant, July 2018

Why Tokyo?
2019 RST PUBLIC Tokyo, 19-22 March

- A strong department store culture

- A pool of creative designers

- An extraordinary food culture

- A hotbed of aesthetics

- The world’s highest standards of quality

- A fount of innovation

- A world trendsetter

Anticipate the future
2019 RST PUBLIC Tokyo, 19-22 March

- Understand Japanese retail

- Discover trends & market leaders

- Identify new business models

- Benefit from curators’ expertise

"The selected stores visited were relevant to our business and touched on: visual displays and concepts, customer service and experience, merchandise and trends."

Participant, July 2018

Why attend this immersive Study Tour?


1. Identify PATTERNS and markers, and anticipate changes

2. Meet the DISRUPTIVE LOCAL players and curators 

3. Spot and decipher KEY TRENDS in retail with the best experts

4. Take advantage of a PERSONALISED JOURNEY in retail business innovation 

5. Share KNOW-HOW and EXPERTISE, NETWORK with a diverse international group of senior executives

2019 RST PUBLIC Tokyo, 19-22 March


► Visits of Tokyo's trendiest areas

► Four immersive days 

► Keynotes speakers 

► A retail-expert guide

► Networking evenings

"An extremely well organised tour with very interesting themes."

Participant, July 2018

Who should attend?
2019 RST PUBLIC Tokyo, 19-22 March
  • Divisional Merchandise Managers
  • Merchandise Directors
  • Operations Managers 
  • Upper level Marketing, Strategy, Innovation
  • Executive Level 
  • CEOs


The language of the retail tour is English.

Fees, payment conditions & registration form

"The insights on stores and new trends were really useful. This was really good value for money!"

Participant, July 2018

Organiser: the IADS "from experience to knowledge and expertise"

The IADS is the most experienced platform dedicated to department stores for sharing knowledge, practices and forward-looking experiences allowing pragmatic solutions.


- shapes its activities and the topics of meetings to adapt to members’ needs and concerns

- optimises the value to members in an efficient, time-saving proposal

- synthetises existing intelligence and experiences, gathers new insights, inspires to deliver great value

- focuses activities on a sustainable configuration around 4 Pillars: Meetings, Academy, Extranet, Research & Analysis

2018 RST PUBLIC Tokyo, 3-6 July

IADS Office

11-13 Rue Guersant - 75017 - Paris, France

Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 94 02 02


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