Los Angeles

retail study tours 10-12 June 2019 Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Based on the success stories of inspiring retail tours and requests from members to explore destinations outside of our meetings, the IADS is initiating a new activity: the organisation of  retail study tours.


Why Los Angeles?
2019 RST PUBLIC Los Angeles, 10-12 June

Los Angeles, which has long been the entertainment and creative capital of the world, remains today one of the most dynamic retail cities with its fashion-forward collection of stores and Department Stores delivering unique and influential shopping experiences.

The influence of the Silicon Valley is largely felt in the “SoCal” capital, as innovation and technology have become significant in the retail industry. Lifestyle centres are gaining popularity with open-air upscale shopping areas, eco-friendly fashion, wellness concepts and phygital stores as well as trendy restaurants and food retailers where celebrities, influencers and a new generation of consumers meet.

The IADS retail study tour will offer a 3-day sharing experience where participants gain operational inspiration and networking opportunities.


2019 RST PUBLIC Los Angeles, 10-12 June

Immerge into 

Californian retail


trends & market leaders


new business models


from retail experts


2019 RST PUBLIC Los Angeles, 10-12 June

► Three immersive days

► Exploration of the trendiest areas in Los Angeles

► Selection of the most innovative and experiential retail concepts

► Keynote Speakers

► Networking evenings


More details to come

Who should attend?
2019 RST PUBLIC Los Angeles, 10-12 June

• Merchandise Directors & Divisional Merchandise Managers

• Operation managers

• Upper Level Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Digital

• Executive Level

• CEOs



Places will be attributed on a ”first-come first-served basis” up to 12 participants.


The language of the retail tour is English.

Fees, payment conditions & registration form

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